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Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first class client experience.

Who We Are

SDI, Inc. provides unmatched service and expertise in the audio video and smart home services industry. We specialize in the sales, design & installation of home automation systems, multi-room audio-video systems, motorized window treatments, home networking, whole home audio, lighting control, outdoor audio, landscape lighting & automation for residential and commercial spaces. With long-standing relationships with clients, builders and interior designers, SDI is confirmed to have been providing successful services in designing and integrating smart systems for residential and commercial markets throughout New England and the Northeast including Boston, Wellesley, Chatham, and New York, as well as in the Southeast in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, FL.

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Angel Centeno

As a Co-Founder of SDI, Angel has piloted the many facets of the Operational and Installation Process since 2010. This includes utilizing his vast industry knowledge in regards to the equipment and programming to propel each project up to completion.

Angel is the driving force behind every System Design and Integration project as there is not any aspect or phase of any of the client's projects that Angel has not done himself. This gives our clients comfort to know that all the details in each phase have been meticulously gone over.

Each project has a sales component and Angel thrives on the knowledge and use of today’s technology, combined with Audio-Video and Smart Home Automation. Angel looks at a home and carves out a vision with the client, as there is an artistry to project design with each one is different. Yes, the equipment and products used may be the same but unique in the design and setup for each client.

Angel is very hands-on regarding each project for our clients, going on-site to review the progress or provide advice or any adjustments for the SDI team. Quite often this allows an opportunity for each client to provide information as the project progress, not just changes to be made but real-time feedback.

System Design and Integration has grown to now 10-plus team members with the help of Co-Founder Alexa. Angel has been able to focus on Business Development which has led to becoming a Premier Integrator. This has been recognized by Boston Magazine in the 2019 “Best of Boston” edition.

When is out of the office, Angel can be found spending time with his 2 daughters and chasing his toddler son around the house. Boating and traveling with the entire family provide great enjoyment as well.
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Alexa Centeno

Owner and CFO
In 2010 Alexa Co-Founded, along with her husband Angel, SDI. After a career as an accounting professional, Alexa was looking to branch out creatively. Yet this also meant handling all aspects of the emerging business while Angel was overseeing the installations in the field.

As the business began to grow Alexa expanded her creative side in Audio-Video Industry by Designing Systems, mixing Technology and Art with a touch of Audio. If that was not enough, Alexa’s passion for designing Lighting become more prominent as the vision presented to our clients became a reality.

As a project manager, Alexa is able to not only design systems but manage each project from start to finish. This allowed multiple builders and architects to recognize the talents that SDI-Boston could bring to either new or renovated residences, allying not only locally but nationally.

Over time Alexa has developed an amazing use of social media for SDI-Boston. One that our manufacturers have been raving about for years. Using these platforms Alexa’s creativity has shown how each project has a story and the finished product is presented with an artistic flair. Alexa is fully involved in business and is loving it, overseeing the processes and all aspects of the business and with staff now of over 10 team members.

Alexa is wearing fewer hats than in 2010, allowing for her to focus on Client Relations and Business Development. She was recognized recently by Boston Magazine for her achievements as a female co-owner in the Boston area.

When not in the office Alexa cherishes her time with her 2 daughters and toddler son, and of course her husband Angel. Alexa’s 82-year grandmother and chocolate lab bring joy after a day at the office. Alexa speaks fluent Russian and enjoys traveling, boating with her family as long as she is the captain, decorating her home, and asking Angel to hang picture frames around the house; these have been lifelong hobbies.
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Frank Ferreira

Senior Programmer & Project Manager
Frank is a 16 year veteran of the Audio-Video Industry and transitioned to SDI Team in January 2020 with the merger with audioDave. Frank was instrumental in establishing a stellar reputation for System Design and Installation execution on top of his programming abilities which are nationally known in the industry.

Frank has managed residential and commercial projects nationally and internationally. This has been enhanced by his quality of work and knowledge with Savant Systems. Frank is not only one of the top Programmers in New England but is highly sought after coast to coast by clients and integrators for advice and solutions to many difficult scenarios. As his troubleshooting skills provide superior support when others cannot.

Frank has been involved with Savant’s advisory board for many years and is now part of the SDI role. Since the merger with audioDave Frank has, along with Angel and Alexa, brought the SDI-Team to another level in a little over a year's time. Project Design and Execution and bringing on key Team Members into the SDI-Culture has resulted in the ability of the company to expand its facilities in 2021.

One of Frank’s favorite skills and accomplishments is Rack Building from start to finish. The meticulous nature of the wiring coincides with his Programming mindset resulting in a finished product that brings an entire System together.

Yet it is his thirst for knowledge and monitoring all the Industry trends that really sets Frank apart and allows for the continued growth of the SDI-installation Team. One of his favorite parts of a tutorial with a client is Calibrating Home Theater Audio and letting the client sit back and enjoy a movie while he makes sure that the Calibration is 100% perfect.

When not in the Office Frank is a serious video game player with a custom chair and area in his house where he and his son have every amenity needed for hours of entertainment. When you see Frank just ask him his favorite movies and he will fill up your must-see films, no problem, and then some.
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Tom Canals

Scheduling Coordinator
With a wealth of business and retail experience, Tom has been working in the Audio-Video Industry for 8 years and with SDI since January 2020. Propelled by an Athletic Scholarship Tom used his degree in Broadcast Journalism and Business to chart a long path with an entrepreneurial spirit, eventually owning a video store in Waltham for 7 Years in the 1980s and 1990s

The employment journey took Tom to a major big-box retailer for 16 years working at various levels of management. This included locations with 20 million-plus in sales per year. Along the way, he was cultivating talents and skills to be used and demonstrated, especially with the ability to develop and train fellow team members. This lead to placement and growth into management and supervisory and rewarding positions.

As the Scheduling Coordinator at SDI-Boston, Tom handles all the client project scheduling and any other scheduling for consultations, meetings, and events. With the various skills and knowledge over the entire business landscape, Tom is very much a Hybrid Team Member, meaning that there are many aspects of the business that can be shared among the SDI-Team. This allows the Staff to be able to use this when needed knowing that Tom can be counted on to handle and advise in a support role.

Tom has always had an intense desire to provide the best service to our clients: the customer is king with Tom. No stone goes unturned in support of all our clients as with his role with scheduling Tom becomes a point of contact for everyone.

When out of the office, Tom can be found watching spectator sports at home with his wife, playing golf with friends and relatives, and enjoying many a baseball game at Fenway Park.
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Kyle Hanley

Purchaser, Warehouse Manager
Kyle comes to SDI-Boston with 8 years of experience in the Audio-Video Industry as a Warehouse Manager and Inventory Coordinator. His leadership and knowledge allows the Installation Team to function seamlessly in the Installation Phase of any project large or small.

Kyle enjoys communication with our clients and working with our Vendors which allows for the Home Automation and Integration processes to come together while utilizing the long standing relationships developed over time.

Inventory Integrity and accuracy are a key component, and the skill set that Kyle has established has proven to be instrumental for our Clients and Team Members. When we need something-anything- Kyle is your go-to guy.

When not in the office Kyle can be found doing a variety of activities such as hiking, running and working out. Kyle loves spending time with his family and friends, yet a hidden gem about him is that he is all about breakfast. You want a recommendation on a Diner or a hidden gem just ask.
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Perfecto Ayala

Lead Installer
Perfecto has had a long and very successful career of 22 years in the Audio-Video industry. Some would say that Perfecto has seen everything but because of his love for all new technologies, he is always sharpening his skills and knowledge.

Since joining SDI, Perfecto has been instrumental in working with our clients and supporting his SDI-Team Members. One of Perfecto’s favorite skill sets is being able to run a wire from one end of a house to the next without making any holes in the client's home.

Perfecto enjoys working with lighting and automation including setting up and programming, along with the ability to work in older homes and/or new constructions. Another specialty he enjoys is Remote Control Programming which can always be frustrating for a client when a remote somehow has lost its settings.

Perfecto’s versatility is a key component that our clients benefit from as he enjoys working with our clients by providing the services they have requested. When a project is completed it is important to Perfecto that all our clients are satisfied with the work 100%

When not in the office, Perfecto can be found riding his motorcycle to the beach or enjoying attending a live music show, as he likes all types of music. A huge sports fan of all Boston Teams and the New England Patriots, he attends games with family and friends. Sometimes Perfecto just likes to chill and relax, don’t we all.
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Bernie Durgin

Lead Installer
Bernie is all about client satisfaction in his 6 years in the Audio-Video Industry. Bernie takes enormous pride in his work and in being able to capture the excitement when giving a tutorial for a client. The satisfaction of the finished Installation and watching the project manager and client's vision come together is very rewarding for Bernie and the Team.

Like other SDI-Team Members, Bernie is multi-faceted in skills from wiring to programming along with the ability to provide great detail on any given project. One of Bernie’s hobbies is his home system which of course leads to the creativity and experience of the handling of the variety of equipment and applications. That translates to being able to handle any service issues that our clients may encounter and provide solutions.

Bernie in his time with SDI has also taken on a leadership role with his team with a willingness to take on any role on a Project. This is an attribute that serves our clients well to know that Bernie can not only handle the Installation Phase but can also work hand in hand with other trades and project managers.

When not in the office, Bernie can be found listening to music, in particular his Vinyl collection, and spending time with his friends and his family while watching a variety of sports. If you need a Craft Beer recommendation Bernie is your guy, bar none. Bernie also enjoys his New York Sports Teams, especially while living in Massachusetts.
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Dylan Everson

Dylan is a multi-talented team member with over 10 Years in the Audio Video Industry capitalizing on a Collision Repair Technician Certificate. Dylan has the ability to provide details to fellow Team Members and our Clients in a concise easy-going manner. This is especially important when working on complex Installations and when troubleshooting issues.

This allows our clients to fully understand the complexities in our ever-changing technological world in a common-sense form, without being overwhelmed. The Sector where Dylan really shows off his skills is in Two-Channel Audio and Centralized whole-home distributed audio and video systems.

Over the years Dylan has continually handled all projects with an intense desire to provide a top-of-the-line experience. His influence is felt throughout the organization and most importantly by all our clients. The concise details provided on a day in and day out basis is Client and Team Member focused. Whenever Dylan is the Lead on any of our projects our clients know at the end of each day exactly know the progress and results.

Dylan, when not in the office, enjoys designing and building his own, fully custom single-family home. By using his creative skillset with the foundation being his knowledge that's gained from being on many custom home projects from the Audio and Video side.
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Giovanni Gonzalez

Gio comes to the SDI Team with over 11 years of experience in the Audio-Video Industry in a variety of roles, specializing in Pre Wiring and Wiring of Equipment Rack, Networks and Programming.

Gio has smoothly transitioned in the SDI Installation Team handing the variety of Projects with precision. As our clients know that there are nuances that can happen in the midst of the process. The ability to be flexible with the Installation Team has allowed fellow Team Members to focus on a specific process.

When not in the office, Gio enjoys watching spectator sports, especially College Basketball. Watch out everyone, when the annual SDI annual NCAA Bracket Challenge commences. Another hobby of his is his love of cars, especially working on them. Gio also enjoys spending time with his son and daughter.
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Renier Beltran

Versatility is what describes our Lead Service and System Technician Renier Beltran who is an Electronics Engineer by Trade. There are many aspects of the Installation Process for every project that Renier enjoys being part of with his fellow Team Members.

Installation of Equipment along with Rack Wiring starts it and then Renier pivots into the Programming Phase and most recently a Certified Control4 Programmer. This goes along with the Certifications on Savant Control Systems and Lutron Lighting and Shades.

Renier has superior ability in Troubleshooting System issues sets him apart amongst a talented Installation Team. When it comes to Networks Renier enjoys not only Installing but also the enjoyment of when it all comes to together and our Clients get the enjoyment and experience of either and upgraded system or newly installed one.

These skills come from the ability to learn new technologies and apply the lessons for each and every client of SDI. Many of our clients know of his skills and ability to address any needs especially when there are challenging obstacles that required a methodical approach.

Renier is bilingual and speaks Spanish and is a Team Player Exrrodinare which has an influence on the entire SDI Team every day.

When not in the Office, Renier can be found watching Movies, Playing Video games and mainly spending quality time with his wife, daughter and son.


  • Savant Through and Through
  • Best of Boston 2019
  • Best of Boston 2022
  • Best of Boston Home 2022
  • Boston Magazine Award


  • Savant Platinum Dealer
  • Savant Ambassador
  • Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Dealer
  • Lutron Platinum Dealer

Industry Memberships

  • CEDIA Member
  • HTA Certified: Luxury Level
  • IFDA New England Chapter
  • Professional Remodeling Association of New England

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