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Smart Home Automation

Envision a world of luxury with effortless control of lights, music, security, video, shades and more.

Looking for Luxury and Effortless Home Automation?

SDI, Inc. is an expert curator of cutting edge technology solutions proudly serving the Brain Tree, Boston and Wellesley area. Explore how we can transform your space.

Smart Home Automation

Envision a world of luxury with effortless control of lights, music, security, video, shades and more.

Smart Home Technology


  • Manage your luxury home in Boston, MA with one tap from the device of your choice

  • Cultivate the ideal environment for relaxation, hosting parties or children’s homework
  • Remotely access lights, security and surveillance from around the world

Lighting Control

Craft the Light in Your Home to Improve Productivity, Relaxation and Security
  • Transform your decor with sophisticated, custom-engraved keypads
  • Curated circadian lighting settings to host parties, watch movies or relax after work

  • Striking landscape lighting for commanding curb appeal and security in your Brain Tree, Boston or Wellesley neighborhood

Motorized Window Treatments

High-Precision Control of Shades Provides Exceptional Style and Privacy
  • Choose from a variety of high-end design, fabric and color options
  • Effortlessly close all shades to protect your family’s privacy
  • Manage natural light to preserve delicate furnishings and artwork

Voice Control

A Voice-Controlled Home Offers the Pinnacle of Luxury
  • Speak naturally to control music, video, lighting and climate
  • Sophisticated AI understands complex commands with ease
  • Transform smart speakers into your exclusive digital assistants


Exceptional Wi-Fi Speeds and Reliability Throughout Your Expansive Home
  • Expanded bandwidth for high-performance AV, lighting and more.
  • Unmatched protection and support for all connected devices
  • Cutting-edge wireless access points extend signal to your outdoor spaces

Energy Management

  • Monitor and adjust every load in your home from a centralized dashboard
  • Decide how your system reacts to a grid outage and create a set energy budget
  • Easily switch between energy modes to optimize energy consumption and minimize costs

Whole House Audio

Audio solutions that are elegant balances of stunning design and innovative technology
  • Easily pull up music on one speaker or group rooms together
  • Elevate the design of your TV and audio displays with Leon’s handcrafted media décor products
  • Conceal technology with custom mounts and architectural speakers

Embrace the Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle

Want a curated technology solution to match your lifestyle? Let us craft a smart home automation system that brings striking efficiency, beauty and comfort to your properties.