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Which Sound System is Best for Your Restaurant?

Aside from the food and drink itself, ambience is perhaps one of the most important factors that goes into any enjoyable dining experience. This includes various components such as the decor, lighting, or, in the case of today's blog post, music. When cultivating a pleasant environment at your restaurant, installing a high-quality audio system is one the smartest investments that you can make. With the appropriate sound in your restaurant, you will have guests enjoying themselves and wanting to come back. In today's blog, we'll be looking at popular audio systems that can suit your restaurant well. Keep reading below for more information!

The Yamaha VXS Series

The Yamaha brand is well-known across the globe for its continued excellence and consistency in its products. When it comes to audio systems that are great for commercial spaces, as expected, Yamaha continues to deliver, particularly with its VXS Series of products. There are quite a few different products in the VXS line, all of which, cater to the different needs that consumers have. Among the products you can find are wall-mounted speakers, pole-mounted speakers, speakers with black finishes, speakers with white finishes, and more. VXS products have been the go-to choice for countless restaurants, shops, showrooms, and many other types of business locations. For your restaurant, consider Yamaha's VXS line of products for excellent results.

Sonos Speakers

A modern favorite among restaurant owners and business owners, Sonos has name a name for itself in the audio industry for its accessible yet high-quality products that can suit virtually any scenario, and this most likely includes your restaurant. There are a wide variety of strong Sonos speakers out there to choose from, including the Sonos One, Sonos Beam, and the Sonos Play:5. Each of these products are excellent in their own right and will likely help to improve the ambience of your restaurant.

Bose FreeSpace DS 16F

Have you ever heard music in a public place and wondered where it's coming from? The Bose FreeSpace DS 16F will probably have your guests wondering the same thing. These speakers can be mounted into the ceiling, giving them a look that you - or your guests for that matter - will hardly notice. They are an excellent choice if you're looking for an audio system that is non-obstructive and borderline invisible. While the DS 16F speakers are easy to miss themselves, you will certainly notice the sound that they produce. Testimonials and reviews for these speakers often rave about their clear and pronounced sound, which make them a great choice for even the busiest of restaurants.

Contact SDI for Home or Business Audio Systems!

For over a decade, SDI has served homeowners and business owners in the greater Boston area with cutting-edge technology solutions such as lighting control, motorized shades, audio systems, and even home theatres. If you're interested in learning more, get in touch with our team by calling (617) 391-8919. We look forward to hearing from you and installing beautiful results for your home or business location.

How Much Does a Home Theater Cost?


Here at SDI, we offer a number of cutting-edge technology solutions for your home or business property - including lighting solutions, motorized shades, and the fcous of today's blog, home theaters. Combining luxury, convenience, and entertainment all into one, home theateres are a phenomenal asset for any home. However, if you are considering installing a theater for your home, you may have many questions, including perhaps the most important one - how much does a home theater cost? In today's blog, we'll be answering just that! For more, keep on reading below!

The Classes of Home Theaters

Like many other technology solutions out there, not every home theaters is the same, thus, you are allowed flexibility when it comes to building your own home theater. The cost of your home theater heavily depends on if you want a smaller-sized theater, or a large, high-end option. Generally, a more budget-friendly home theater will cost up to $1,500, a more sophisticated mid-size theater will range from $2,000 to $5,000, and a full-scale theater will range from $10,000 all the way up to $40,000. Regardless of what size theater you are looking for, it's best to consult an expert and qualified team to ensure a smooth installation process without any errors.

What Goes Into a Home Theater

As mentioned, when it comes to home theaters, you can enjoy freedom of choice. For instance, depending on your preferences, you can install a TV that ranges anywhere in size from 55 inches all the way to 98 inches. In addition to this, when choosing a display for your home theater, you can choose a standard definition TV, 4K TV, or even a projector. This is also not to mention the many high-quality audio systems that you can choose from. There are many different elements that can make your home theater a resounding success that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

Looking for a Home Theater for Your Boston Home? Call SDI!

SDI proudly delivers spectacular results in lighting control, motorized shades, and of course, home theaters. We serve Boston and the surrounding areas. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at (617) 391-8919 for our Boston location. We look forward to connecting with you and to a successful technology project.

Restaraunt Owners - See How SDI Can Upgrade Your Space!


If you're a restaurant owner looking to take your business location to the next level, you've come to the right place! SDI Boston has been the trusted provider of home and business automation since our establishment in 2010, as we have upgraded a plethora of homes and businesses with smart technology such as home/audio systems, lighting control, motorized shades, and more! We understand that you want your business to look neat, trim, and impressive to guests, and with the help of our services, you can achieve a stunning business location! Learn more below about what SDI has to offer.

Audio/Video Solutions

Especially in a restaurant, you want to create a sense of atmosphere and ambience for your customers. Here at SDI, we not only understand this, but offer a solution! One of our standout services for both residential and commercial clients, we offer top-notch audio/video solutions to the greater Boston area and beyond! We can upgrade your space with both indoor and outdoor speaker systems in addition to multi-room video, adding an impressive touch to any area of your restaurant! Our audio and video solutions are sure to create nearly instantaneous atmosphere to your business space - consider SDI Boston to get the job done!

Motorized Shades

In those warmer months, and especially if you offer outdoor dining, our motorized shade services are a no-brainer when cultivating a classy, hassle-free outdoor space. In spring and summer, hordes of people dine and enjoy their meals in the outdoors. Though pleasant to some, the sun can beam down harshly upon guests and employees alike, in many cases causing discomfort. With the help of our motorized shades, you can readjust your restaurant's shades with unprecedented ease, saving you from spending unnecessary time and energy fixing them. This is especially ideal at restaurants, which can get busy at a moment's notice. Make your restaurant a more comfortable place to be - consider motorized shades from our team at SDI Boston!

Lighting Control

There is something so professional, and frankly, cool about lighting control. All it take is the press of one button for the lights in your business space to immediately adjust to your liking. Much like our audio/video solutions, lighting control can be a major help in creating atmosphere for your restaurant. Not only does it give your space a professional edge, but it makes adjusting the lights easier than ever! To learn more about our lighting control services, get in touch with SDI Boston today!

Looking for Technology Solutions in the Boston area? Consider SDI!

SDI has delivered excellent results in home automation, home theaters, home audio systems, and more to homeowners in the greater Boston area. Established in Needham, SDI is happy to work with homeowners in the area to help them reach their goals. To get in touch with us, simply give us a call at (617) 391-8919 or contact us through our website here!