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Comparing Control4 & Savant: Which is Best for You?


Control4 and Savant are two trusted and renowned brands in the home automation industry, as both brands continue to produce consistent and reliable systems that exceed expectations. While we would say that both brands provide excellent choices for either residential or commercial purposes, there are a number of differences between them that you might want to consider as a consumer. In today's blog, we'll be doing just that, as we compare Control4 and Savant to determine which system is right for you! If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information, or for home automation solutions in greater Boston or Boca Raton, Florida, call our team at SDI today! Call (617) 391-8919 for our Boston location or (786) 668-5009 for our Boca Raton location - we look forward to speaking with you!

User Friendliness

After all, it's you who is using the systems from each of these brands, so user experience - or better yet user friendliness - is an important aspect that you might want to consider as a consumer. Though we would say that both brands have are easy for most people to pick up and use, Control4 is known for being the more user friendly out of the two. Even if you don't consider yourself as someone who is well-versed with technology, Control4 makes it easy for you, family, and friends to control the technologies in your home, whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or another device. Overall, you can expect an effortless experience with Control4, though this is not to say, that Savant is particularly un-user friendly.

Ease of Installation

Generally speaking, both Control4 and Savant systems are easy to install in your home or business property. The key difference between the two is that Control4 systems are almost always installed professionally, whereas Savant systems can be installed both professionally and by consumers in many cases. Overall, and regardless of what system you choose to install, it is recommended that a professional and qualified team completes the installation, to ensure as little issues as possible.


Last but certainly not least is how well each system integrates the technologies in your home. For both Control4 and Savant, most of the technologies that you need to be integrated - are integrated. This includes your thermostats, lighting, audio systems, security systems, and more. One considerable difference here is that Control4 has more compatibility with third party devices, which may make it more favorable among some consumers.

Looking for Home Automation in greater Boston or Boca Raton, FL?

Look no further than our trusted and professional team at SDI, who have served Boston and Boca Raton for over ten years. Interested in seeing how we can take your home or business property to the next level? Learn more by browsing around our website or by getting in touch with us today! Call (617) 391-8919 for our Boston location or (786) 668-5009 for our Boca Raton location. We hope to hear from you and service you soon!

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